Who We Are/What We Do

We are a dedicated team of Lawyers who are solely involved in employment law issues. We:

  • Offer a free 15 minute consultation
  • Advise and represent employees on legal matters concerning unfairness or illegal treatment in the workplace.
  • Run training seminars for Employers
  • Prepare Cases for Tribunals
  • Provide Representation at Tribunals
  Employment Advocacy Services - Who We Are

For all new enquiries, please contact detonsolicitors or Equity Law Solicitors

Employment Legislation protects both the Employer and the Employee. Whether you are an Employer or an Employee, we all contribute to society. Employees should be able to go to work without the fear of being unfairly dismissed, discriminated against, bullied, harassed or victimised.

Likewise Employers, especially small businesses, should be able to concentrate on running their businesses without the worry of an Employment Tribunal Claim landing on their desks. "As a firm, our aim is to empower Employees to exercise their employment rights without fear, whilst assisting Employers to be proactive rather than reactive" Dawn Oliver - Employment Advocacy Services.